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What’s the difference between automatic & semi-automatic Terminal machin

Automatic Terminal crimping machine that is, cut & strip wire and then crimp terminal with wire fully-automatically.

It integrating a server (silent) Terminal crimping machine, his works and the terminals are not the same, just giving an information server, this information is then passed on to the motor automatic Terminal crimping machine can do an action.

Semi-automatic Terminal machine, we are generally referred to as Terminal machine, now we often see that kind of-erected above the General market's desktop Terminal this Terminal with a pedal-powered down, clutch, terminal operation, its motor is kept functioning, every time you step on the foot pedal will give an "o" power failure signal. This is one of our most common terminal types.


Terminal can also be called a crimping machine or pressing machines. As businesses increasingly heading to automate production, Terminal market in recent years has accounted for more than half the market by automatic Terminal crimping machine, automatic Terminal crimping machine, with its efficient, hands-free, high accuracy, advantages of ultra-quiet won the business of love