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Routine maintenance and repair for terminal crimper machine

Routine maintenance for terminal crimper machine
a. Applicator clamping must be accurate and secure. Mould clearance reasonably keep tooling sharp cutting edge.
b. Against overwork the machine. Machining of the workpiece, pressure shall not exceed the bounds.
c. Before drive motor, the clutch must be in the off State, the flywheel is in the idle position.
d. Machine lubrication points, as well as the friction parts, pay attention to filling in each class shall be not less than 2 times.
e.Parts, always check the machine working properly, whether the all joints and fasteners loose. If loose, tighten in a timely manner. If organic wear and must be replaced in time.
f. Machinery and electrical installations must always be kept clean, dry, no leakage phenomenon. At work, if it appears to malfunction and anomalies, must immediately stop check repairs. Ban, ill work, avoid or electrical parts are killed and thrown burning bigger losses.
g. Automatic Terminal well to conduct a comprehensive inspection.
Terminal machine during use it should be noted that:
a. Operations process, the exception occurred if the machine, switch off the power supply, maintenance, debugging and timely repair personnel.
b. When terminal is replaced, you must switch off the power, then adjust as in the operation of the machine is strictly prohibited.
c.  If the power supply is not disconnected, don't put your fingers or any part of their body into punching range, so as  to avoid an accident.
d. If you need to leave , please turn off the power in first.
e. If any blocks stuck in the cutter, you must use scissors or needle pricking cleared before continuing operations.
f.  Don't use non-designated personnel debug or disassembling machine parts without permission.