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Computer wire stripping machine handling precautions 1

1, Computer wire stripping machine must be operated by trained personnel, the operator should be familiar with the General performance of this machine and structure, equipment failure, judgment and prevention of emergency treatment measures.
2, four months before the new machine for the break-in period, during the cutting line speed should not be too fast.
3, the machine runs not move your finger closer to the knife holder and wheel, to prevent pinching.
4, leaving the plant should be suspended when machine in the production process, so that people stop.
5, put the line tension and stores the line shelf not too much tension, or due to too much tension leads to expansion of the wire is too large and the cutting line are not allowed.
6, cable-cutting equipment to adapt crop than a hard wire, soft wire cannot be used.
7, should be immediately shut down when a failure occurs, circuit, smoke, leakage should be cut off power troubleshooting rear boot, no fault overload operation of equipment.