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Hydraulic button cable crimping machine TFP-120

Products description:

  • Size:465mm*370mm*850mm
  • Weight:140kg
  • Model:TFP-120

    Products description:


    Hydraulic crimping machine TFP-120, TFP-120 Semi auto wire crimpers machine


    Wide range: 10-120mm²

    Working principle: air pressure + oil pressure realize flexible pressure for best performance

    Easy and visual operation: adjust pressure by control valve, observe pressure by pressure gage.

    Multi-function model fit for any type of applicator from home and abroad.

    With Safety-cover.



    Using medium: pressurized air
    Compression resistance : 15kgf/cm2
    Operating pressure: 10 kgf/cm2
    Ambient temperature: 0-70℃
    Piston speed: 50-100mm/s
    Oil pressure(output): 1.5-5T
    Intermediatemedium: RENOLIN B AND ANTI-WEAR HYDRAULIC OIL(32-15)
    Dimensions: 465mm*370mm*850mm
    Weight: 140kg


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