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coaxial cable stripping tool TZB-32

Products description:

  • Size:200mm*720mm*400mm
  • Weight:19KG
  • Model:TZB-32

    Products description:

    Semi-Automatic Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine TZB-32


    Fit for coaxial cable, triaxial cables, Multi-conductors wire, and single-conductor wire stripping.

    Touch man-machine graphics operation, easy and convenient.

    Special four blades makes machine could strip extremely thin wire, rough, irregular insulation.

    Available Material coaxial cable, coaxial wire

    Wire Range Ø4.8mm-Ø35mm

    Max. Stripping Layers 9 layers

    Unit cutting depth 0.01mm

    Stripping Length 0.1-~95mm

    Display Way Touch screen

    Driving Mode Motor and ball screw driving

    Stripping Method Rotating blade

    Blade 2pcs, Material Imports Switzerland tungsten steel

    Locating plate 2pcs, Material Imported high-speed steel

    Wire Trapper Self-aligning, Motor driving, Clamping force is controled by program

    Productivity 500~700pcs/hour(according to wire length and wire material

    Openning way Manual / Sensor/Foot switch

    Power Supply 220V/50Hz ,380W

    Air source 0.2-0.4MPa

    Weight 19kg

    Dimension 200mm*720mm*400mm

    Operating Enviroment 0-50℃,moderate dryness,vibrationless workbench

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