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Auto double ends tinning machine ACM-01A

Products description:

  • Size:1210W*770L*1370H(mm)
  • Weight:400 kg
  • Model:ACM-01A

    Products description:

    Auto double ends tinning machine ACM-01A is also named Auto double ends tinningdevice, Auto double ends tinningequipment, Auto double ends tinning device. Features: The equipment adopts imported parts, cut wire, strip twist & tin end automatically. Act precise, operation simple, performance stable, save labor cost. Using rotational knob to adjust cutter depth and roller distance, which is easy and fast Stripping length is controlled by screen operation Model ACM-01A Power AC220V/50HZ Function cutting wire, single end stripping, both ends twisting and tinning Productivity AWG#20-AWG#32, (8 wires a go ), 6400-10000pcs/hour AWG#16-AWG#20,(3 wires a go), 2700-4000pcs/hour Wire size AWG#24-AWG#18,AWG#24-AWG#32 cutting length 30 mm--600 mm (other length could be special designed, min 8mm) Cutting Tolerance: 0.2 mm±0.02*L Stripping length 0mm--7 mm Twisting length 3-14mm Tinning length 0.5-7mm Air supply 0.5-0.7MPA Dimensions: 1210W*770L*1370H(mm) Weight: 400 kg

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